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alt farming Jean Franqois la Perouse / Lord speckitt v freeman

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ok, don't need to change the title of a post about them already there.

we were going to guayaguayare with 2 friends, i saw that lord speckitt sank a french player at 21h51 server time in combat news.

when we arrived in front of guaya, a french player came outside in redoutable, we taged him and oh surprise...was jean franqois la perouse, as in the last report with only 279 crews and no gun...

guess he was meeting  lord speckitt again outside, no far from guayaguayare...

tell me just how many times we have to report an alt farming to hope a reaction (sanction?).







so i put screenshot of the combat news, of his undercrew, of his ship without gun...

thank you for reading me or not^^

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