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alt farming Jean Franqois la Perouse / Lord speckitt v freeman

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i was in front of camp du roy when i saw a swedish leopard waiting for something, sails down. as i rush him with my snow, i saw another french player who was rushing him too in a cerberus.

battle started, the french player, Jean Franqois la Perouse had no gun and only 84 crew...

the whole battle he tried to avoid me to stern rack the swedish leopard. near the end of the battle, jean franqois came near the swedish leopard to be boarded by him, while the leopard had lost his middle mast...

at the end, swedish leopard won boarding and then sank because of damages i did to it.

sadly i didn't launch the video, i made a report in game at the end of the battle.

i already saw jean franqois la Perouse sink swedish player in the past, always in the same area.

think it's alt farming, why rush a leopard (which had no  repair), without guns, without repair  and with only 84 crews?

oh and 5 min after that battle, lord speckitt sank a french player in front of camp du roy, so magic...

9Spx7o.jpgthank you

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