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Can't play the game, launcher crashes


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It is nice to hear the problem is solved!

Just in case, here is the workaround how to keep Citrix installed and still be able to play the game:

The workaround is to try temporary disable Citrix Virtual Bus Enumerator in the system devices (you might need to activate it again once you are about to use Citrix):

  • Open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows + R), then type: devmgmt.msc and click ok
  • Expand System devices tab and find Citrix Virtual Bus Enumerator
  • Right click on it and select "Disable"
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15 hours ago, makebacon999 said:

I am having the same issue, but don't have this "Citrix Virtual Bus Enumerator" in system devices. Any ideas?


Could you please locate output_log text file in the game flies (Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\build_Data) and send it to ink@navalaction.com with a brief description (you can copy your message here and include your forum name)

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