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Sexist Insults

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Hi, I must be one of the few women playing Naval Action and that's the kind of reading you can do on French Tchat.


Sorry, but I've never insulted anyone, I usually don't talk with Frenches to avoid any disturbance. My only crime was to sink a French Rattvisan last night with my Snow.

Ferdinand de La Salle is used to this kind of words against my nation and I think some actions should be taken against such an unacceptable behavior.

PS: thanks to the French who gave me the screenshot, that's shows that most of Frenches don't embrace this behavior.

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Greetings, thank you for the report. Appropriate actions will be taken after investigation.

Just a note, please use in-game report system if you face chat abuse in future (right click on player name in chat and click on "report")

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