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Port battles for hostility were not registered by the system.


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Hello. Today, when we got enmity on the port of Les Cayes, the PVE server, our SALTS clan had an unpleasant situation. We entered the enmity mission in advance with the intention of fulfilling it and leaving the moment the port battle window opened at 16:00 GMT. But when the time was 16 hours and we left the battle, the results of the mission were not counted for unknown reasons. The system did not register two fights totaling almost 20K br. Because of this, another clan gained an advantage and was able to win.
We ask the developers to deal with an incomprehensible mistake and let the nations replay the battle for the city on fair conditions.


We provide screenshots from the game, for two players at once, with different time zones (I want to emphasize this), where it can be seen that the players left the battle when the time for the port battle window had already arrived. One player had 19 hours Moscow time, the other 21 hours Ural time, which equals 16 hours GMT. I ask the developers to take into account these materials and correct the situation. Thank you for your time and attention.



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No bugs were found after investigation. 

There were two hostility missions, in each almost all players left the battle before the timer (16:00), e.g. from one of the battles:

[02/20/2020 15:58:31] Player 'capt Irbis' left with state Died 
[02/20/2020 15:58:40] Player 'Voenkom' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:58:54] Player 'lavr' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:58:55] Player 'Michael161RUS' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:58:56] Player 'Zodiack' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:58:57] Player 'PifanNafan' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:59:00] Player 'Fankmaster' left with state Survived 
[02/20/2020 15:59:01] Player 'Crowned Clown' left with state Survived

Hostility points are awarded individually on exit from the battle (even if other players are still in the mission), thus almost all hostility points were wasted (with the exception of two players in both missions that left the battles after 16:00).

По результатам исследования логов установлено, что все работает в соответствии с игровой механикой. Большая часть игроков вышла из обоих сражений за пару минут до 16:00, поэтому очки от данных игроков не были засчитаны, т.к. очки учитываются индивидуально для каждого игрока, как только он выходит из сражения. При этом не важно, сколько игроков еще осталось в миссии.

В итоге, в зачет пошли только очки от двух игроков, которые вышли из сражений после 16:00.

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