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Salvo of Questions

Stonewall Sanders


Bunch of questions been haunting me for a few weeks now...

Captured, Restored firearms:

Tried looking this up, but I couldnt figure out what triggers capturing / restoring guns, and when it wont trigger? Is there formulae, and based on what? Does outcome such as winning, inconclusive or losing play part in the mechanism? I just seem to restore and capture, both, much less than those I watched in Youtube.

How about artillerry pieces?


What factors dictate how long officers stay wounded? Can they die because of being wounded, like Jackson did?

Scaling (Horizontal vs. Vertical):

Discussion on scaling did not touch the question whether the scaling is horizontal, vertical or both; that is, if I increase the number of soldiers in a brigade contra if I increase the total number of brigades... How does this angle work out in the end, and how I can use this to my own advantage?

Medicine versus Training:

Now this seems a bit confusing, Training (Career option) saves money when recruiting veterans, but that won't help with fire arms nor recruits - you still pay for both. Medicine, however saves you men right off the bat, so you save recruits, fire arms and gold, all thee,  and because of this it seems to be strictly better option than Training?

Impact of the Battle

As far I see it, the game is a bit vague on details how the outcome of every individual battle actually impacts the enemy? The primary impact is shown in a small icon on an intel window of each incoming battle (e.g. -5% to the size of the army). No problem with that... However, Idea that destroying the enemy man power in every single battle beyond and above the available time window and particular battle-specific goals could actually have a negative impact on the enemy (man power) is often repeated notion. Details of this, on the other hand, are not available anywhere? Knowing how this actually works would be very imnporant, because wasting men trying to hunt enemes down impacts your game everytime, and without details players can not make educated decisions.


I am pretty sure this was not all, but lets start with this.

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This post will help with basically all of your questions: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/

Short answers

Weapon recovery: You recover a percentage of weapons from any of your units that take damage(rescued) and a different percentage from any enemy units that take damage(captured)

Scaling: size and number of brigades affect it, see post above for details.

 Medicine returns a percentage of wounded men and their weapons to the unit after the battle. Training and medicine give you different ways to mitigate losses. Training tends to be better for building up an army and medicine for keeping it intact. There are ways to play where training is skipped entirely. Medicine tends to be the 2nd or 3rd career stat maxed.

Regarding impact of battles see post above.

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