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Ammo-rack damage - how does it work ?


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Warning newbie here !

hello folks, happy to join the party , I hope my question is not too stupid ... I managed to achieve 31 out of 35 academy missions but I am still struggling.

How does work the computation of the ammo-rack damage ? Sometime when I get "hooded" , my shiny BB is blown apart (2000-3000 damage) in one blow and the ammorack on the enemy ships are around 60 to 200 , with similar armor thickness, bulkeads, distance, chance to penetrate, gun size ...

I tried to minimize the chance of detonation on the shipyard but I still got some nasty detonations .

many thanks for your feedbacks and advices


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If the armor is too thin there is a chance of a complete penetration (not an overpenetration) that then ignites your internal magazines.

Without knowing how you built your ships, it might simply be that you are unlucky or that you give your ships too little armor.

Also, take care to use Barbette armor, penetrating the Barbette armor is also a great way to blow up the magazine.

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no one outside the dev team knows the exact RNG formula how the game calculates detonations.

just max out Citadel and Barbettes armor, this is the best way to minimize risks of detonation. better Belt/deck and turret/turret roof armor thickness also, since these are the parts that protect your magazines. belt/deck extended isn't as important, it's mostly to avoid flooding and fire at the bow and stern of your ship.

some stuff like your shell warhead/propellant choice, your ammo weight (standard/heavy ect..), the amount of ammo you take and the calibre of guns you use can increase your risk of detonation, but this is typically more than made up for by having good citadel/barbette armor.

also, Secondary guns can detonate too, when it happens this is what give those small detonations for "only" 600 damage or so that turn red a few compartiments at once but do not threaten the whole ship.
whereas main gun detonation is typically instakill or near-instakill.
for this reason, do NOT neglect your secondary guns armor (especially if you got big secondaries like 6 inch or more), because if you leave them unarmored they might get detonated and cause a bunch of structure damage, i generally try to use at least 150mm of secondary guns armor on most ships, weight permitting obviously.

i believe torpedoes can detonate too if they are on deck-top mounts, altough i don't recall seeing it happen often.

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