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Target Manoeuvre Penalty: a problem?


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Saw a discussion on the "target high speed" gunnery modifiers, so thought I'd bring this one up as well.

I've noticed that the "target manoeuvre" modifier appears to be slaved directly to their rudder setting.

I say this because an enemy ship doing 1.5 knots can apply the same penalty to hit it as one doing 20 knots.

I think that's.....dubious to say the least.

Variations in course are most significant the higher the speed as that leads to a greater difference between where a ship was expected to be (gunnery solution) and thus where the shells are intended to land vs. where the ship in fact is when those shells arrive.

Even full rudder applied at 2 knots isn't likely to make much difference as the practicalities of gunnery mean shells effectively are raining down in the 'target area', and you're not going to alter significantly that gunnery solution target area no matter what you do at that speed.

While it's true you get very large bonuses for shooting at slow speed targets (up to 70% I think), I don't see why putting the rudder over ought potentially apply a significant penalty independently of movement.

If it DOES do that, the ultimate case would be that a stationary ship can offset the bonus given to anything shooting at it simply by putting its rudder hard over......and making no difference as it's going nowhere.

I'd suggest the potential "target manoeuvre " penalty needs also to be tied in some way to the target's speed.

By all means others should look and see if I'm correct.

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If it is analogous to Own Maneuver, then it should be to your turning circle and not the rudder setting. I notice that after I set hard rudder, the penalty doesn't really kick in sharply until the "advance" phase of my turn has ended and I'm really turning in a tight loop.

In either case, the solution here will probably be to set a steerageway speed below which the ship won't turn at all. That'll be realistic plus it should get rid of this oddity.

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Will see if I can find a screenshot where a pre-dread BB doing 3 knots is applying a significant penalty to my accuracy due to their "manoeuvre".

Not because I think you don't believe me, lol, but because it might prove useful.

We both seem to agree it ought to be related to ship's speed while manoeuvring, with the question being the specifics of how exactly that ought be done.


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