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What are the actual coded BR rules for tagging

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Could someone point me in the direction of information on coded rules for tagging.

1. There seems to be a rule that basic cutters cannot tag ships above a certain BR, but those ships can tag the basic cutter. 

2. There seems to be some kind of a BR rule between Battle groups heading for port battles, but at the same time a Snow can tag a ship in a battle group of several hundred BR. is there a consistent rule?

I am a bit lacking in clarity and appreciate any guidance.



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I'd love to know the actual numbers.   But yes.. a basic cutter cannot tag ANY player ship.   It's to prevent griefing in free boats.   A basic cutter can be tagged by any ship in the game.  

There IS a ratio of attacker to defender below which you cannot get a tag.   A higher BR force can always tag a lower BR force but a low BR force must have a certain percentage of the target force's BR to get them into battle.   Again, I'd love for someone to tell me what that ratio is.   The other day I was unable to tag a l'ocean in a le req by myself...   but when a friend got his snow in the circle, we could.   So that should give you some bounds to start narrowing it down.  

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