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Defeat the semi-dreadnought


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So, how does one beat this mission reliably (as in not having won only once, because of a random lucky salvo that somehow near-instantly sent enemy superior BB to the bottom due to heavy flooding, and enemy CLs being so astonishingly stupid as to drive straight into incoming torpedoes)?

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The "armored brick" approach works well.

For ship construction:

  1. Pick the guns and fire control upgrade.
  2. Pick the armoured cruiser IV hull.
  3. Maximum bulkheads, minimum range, 15 knots speed, induced boilers.
  4. Max out the "protection" options.
  5. Pick heavy shells and semi-auto reload. Do whatever for ammo amount and turret traverse. Guncotton, Ballistite, or White Powder for propellant.
  6. ~12in belt, turrets, and conning tower. You may want more armor on the turrets and conning tower; they can't be angled like the belt. ~6in for extended belt. 1-2 inches for turret tops and decks. Whatever for secondary armor.
  7. Two twin 10in (or 11in) turrets. Best towers available. Two "standard" funnels (ie the smallest; you could probably do ok with just one). No secondary guns or torpedoes necessary.
  8. Change displacement and specific armor amounts until the weight and cost % approach 100 (I ended up with 16700 tons).

For the battle:

  1. It is only necessary to sink the battleship.
  2. Screen out their cruisers with your light cruisers. If they are heavily targeted, use smoke. If you lose your own light cruisers, no big deal.
  3. Direct your armoured cruiser to approach the battleship at an angle. Dodge torpedoes as needed.
  4. Until the penetration chance exceeds 50%, use HE. This will have limited effect.
  5. Continue closing at an angle. If it is steep enough, the enemy will be unable to penetrate your armor even close in.
  6. Once you have reached close range, and the penetration chance becomes high, switch to AP. The AI often will present a flat broadside.
  7. The Semi-Dreadnought is very fragile. It will usually take just a few penetrating hits to sink it.
  8. You win.


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