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Switching targets causes immediate fire.


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14 hours ago, WelshZeCorgi said:

When you order to switch targets, ships sometimes fire instantly at that new target without first turning their turrets to bear in the new target. 

Greetings! When ship switches target it fires a ladder aim salvo, so this is why it does not wait for all other guns to fire. There is no bug

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I took a pair of screenshots to better convey what I noticed. Before the first screenshot was taken, I had the fore gun turret fire on the lead ship, I paused and then targeted the next ship in line. Then I took the first screen shot just as the aft turret fired, then took the second screenshot a second later after the first screenshot. 

I'm not great with photoshop, I tried to overlay the 2 pictures, but I couldn't figure it out. Or I don't have the proper software. But you can see that there is a slight bearing difference between the two pictures for the aft turret. 

I'm trying to say that when you're switching targets, the turrets seem to fire BEFORE the guns complete its traversal. It should complete its traversal and elevation (if there is a great range difference) before it fires. It's not much, a degree or two, it just caught my attention and thought it was a bug. 

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