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Shortcut icon disappeared off my desktop.


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In case you lost it, you can create it on your own.

open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows + R), then type:

  • %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\
  • There is launcher.exe file, right click on it and make a shortcut which you can place on the desktop

Also, you can try to reinstall the launcher and make sure the shortcut is selected in the settings

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I used the provided Windows command prompt but did not find the launcher.exe file.  Which I suspect is what the problem is.  

I have two game folder locations.  I found the Build application in a different folder and used it.  It got me to the game with the error screen message I attached.  

Edited post:  I found the fix, moved the launch application to the correct file location.  All is well.  


Screenshot (13).png

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Solved problem.
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