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1 hour ago, Liman said:

I do not like the level of censorship in this forum. all those posts just deleted.  

I will be awaiting my compensation cheque in the post @admin

Liam 790.791

Everyone deserves second chances, but this is plain wrong.

First you abuse developers for lacking mental capacity to create games. Then  you create a forum account called braindead _____ referring to devs , and continue abuse. Seems like your only goal is trolling and ranting which is against the rules of the community.

Moderation team now takes rules seriously. This forum should be a friendly place free of abuse for everyone including developers and programmers.

Then you after all previous abuse behavior post complaints on censorship when your post was just hidden? 

+ Ban evasion is not allowed and your forum posting rights are now removed. 7 day chat ban applied in game. 

Additional warnings will cause permanent chat bans. 

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