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I have noticed that if there are more than 12 ships in the scenario, things slow down enormously.

The "rudder" slider is too small or too sensitive or both.  I would like to see a "text" entry with either 20 degrees port rudder or course 220 degrees.

If I don't use the "windowed" mode, the display covers the minimise, reduce/full, and close buttons and there is no way to change this.  The opening screen is also off.  

The "Window" is pretty small, only about have the useful area of my monitor.  I need to be able to adjust the screen size better.

The report windows are tiny.  I have a 20 inch monitor and I have to get within a foot to see the text.

It would be nice to have a replay or rewind mode.  I want to relive the action as a killing salvo hits a ship.

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