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Bugs in Shell Trajectories


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In the "Gunnery Model" thread I commented I'd seen some rather peculiar instances where shells appeared to come out of the same turret in fairly wildly divergent paths.

Admin asked that I try to find some examples and post them in a thread with the title I've used, so here are a few.

In this picture we have shells coming from the 1 fore and 1 aft 2x12" turrets of a BC. Note the closeness of the aft shells and the width of the fore ones.


This next one is of those same shells as they reach the target. You can see that at the range of 5.2km the spread is now what I imagine is at least a few hundred metres while the other set is possibly only 50-75m.


Then we have another situation. To the left of the target BB you can see where a pair of shells have just landed. Meanwhile we have another pair incoming. Note the range is only about 3km (the mouse pointer in the middle shows 2.1km). I can't remember if these shells are again from the fore and aft 2x12" or from two of the 2x8" secondaries.


I will add that none of these were like the bizarre one I mentioned, but I believe that's because the worst cases seem to come from very short ranges.

I suspect the gunnery system is calculating hits as part of the salvo calculation and then rendering the shells to reflect that, but presumably it has a number of ways to render misses. At very close range it might decide to render a miss ahead and a miss astern, and then render those from the SAME turret. I believe that's what I might have seen, as I recall them splitting wildly apart as the target was only a few hundred metres away.

In the cases I've shown they aren't anywhere as jarring as that, but even so they do look rather 'odd' when you consider in each case the other pair of shells was fired from an identical mount on a different part of the ship.

Not a huge problem in the scheme of things, true, but peculiar enough to stand out and raise the question as to how such significantly different results in terms of lateral separation are possible at relatively short ranges from two different turrets of the same calibre fired at almost identical times.

If Admin is happy these aren't anything to trouble them, then of course feel free to delete the thread.

If anyone else happens to capture some 'dubious' shell trajectories, however, feel free to add them if this thread is still up.


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Hi, you're very welcome. Obviously it's more visually jarring the closer you are to the target, because the rendering of a shell missing ahead and the other astern from the same turret looks a bit crazy if it's at 500m, lol.

I take it you've seen enough to have an idea of what I was getting at, so I won't look to collect any more unless you ask. Replying here will give me a notification.

Thanks for the responsiveness to feedback, really love what you're aiming to do with the game.


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