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Lose my ship without warning

Dave Jhones

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23 minutes ago, Dave Jhones said:

I lost my endymion after capturing a rattvisan, took it by the crew and changed it to rattvisan, but after leaving battle lost both, my endymion was blue teak teak without refit or upgrades, the rattivisan was golden very sturdy and white white


Greetings! Have you reported the case via F11? The case will be investigated on Monday

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After investigation no bugs are found.

Upon leaving the combat you have not created a fleet ship from Endymion (e.g. - all crew were moved to Rattvisan, which made Endymion a derelict rather than a fleet ship in your fleet) and since Rattvisan cannot be captured to use outside of a combat (being an imported ship), you lost both ships

Please check for reference:




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