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Keep getting this bug upon Launch


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10 hours ago, leshaar said:

So whenever i launch the game i get past the Unity logo only to find this when the Menu comes up. Clicking past it crashes the game. What do i do?


First of all, could you please clarify if you start the game from the launcher or you try to directly run the build.exe file in the game directory? The game has to be started through game launcher. Find the launcher on your desktop:


In case you start the game from launcher and still getting this message, could you please clarify if the first start is ok and the problem only appears after you try to start the game for second time?

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It doesn't install a launcher shortcut on my desktop. Or one in my start menu like i asked it to either. You are exactly right in that i am being forced to start it from the Build.exe in the game folder.

And yes when i get the launcher right after installing the game it works perfectly. But i cannot get access to the launcher after that it seems.

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