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18 hours ago, ManuelG said:

Hi. I am a Mac user and after updating OS to Catalina, my Steam games library is gone... Any plans to update Ultimate General games to 64 bits?

Dear Manuel,

It’s a big earthquake from Apple that affects even large companies. Please check for example:


Unfortunately, unlike Microsoft (which makes sure that old applications are working on new Windows) Apple decided to cut all old apps and force developers to find a solution. 

It was unexpected to lose so suddenly the Mac OS compatibility. We will try to fix the issue, but we cannot promise when this will become possible, since we made the game long ago and we need to hire people and train them to repair the problem.

However, the only game that is affected by this is Ultimate General: Gettysburg. All other games in the series, e.g. UG: Civil War does support 64 bit OS

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