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How bout some gun grouping


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yes it is absolutely realistic, in older designs, the secondary tower's range finder and fire control system can direct the secondaries while the main tower direct the main battery, or the other way round too if ever needed. in later designs from the 1930's onwards and modernised dreadnoughts, it was even typical for secondaries to have their own fire control directors independent of the 2 main ones on top of the towers. having the main and secondary guns succesfuly engage a different target at the same time was done plenty of time in real battles and there are many exemples.

technically, even having the main battery engage multiple targets (exemple: the 2 front turrets on 1 target and the back turret on another, or any combination really) was totally possible, though i'm not sure there is any exemple of it actually done in real combat.

the devs already confirmed they are working on separate targeting on multiple side of the ship, though i'm not completely sure if that really means selecting different targets simultaneously, or only that secondaries and side main guns will now auto fire on target of opportunity on their side of the ship, if you have ordered to attack a target on the other side, outside of their arc.

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16 hours ago, CenturionsofRome said:

It happened at the battle of the River Palate (Is that how you spell it?). The German ship - I think it was Lutzow? - had its forward turret shooting at one target while its rear turret shot at another. 

It wasn't particularly effective.

maybe is wasn't, that was back in 1939, targeting wasn't great back then. fast forward a few years you had the Bismarck that had a fire system so advanced it could shoot multiple targets if needed and at distance.

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