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How to change Graphic Settings?


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Hello, I was done installing UAD and played the first Naval Academy level. And I noticed that my computer was not good enough to run UAD smoothly. Does anyone know how to change the Graphic Settings without having to install the game or do anything furthermore fustrating? Thank you for any help.

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with that being said though, performence is ABSOLUTELY horrendeous at the moment and given the level of graphics it has, yes the game really runs way worse than it should...

which is fine right now, because what we are currently playing is literally an early draft/proof of concept for the game, not even a BETA yet. during game developement performence optimisation is typically one of the things that is done one the last stages near to release when all the major features are in, same as bug fixing.

they also said on the forums they are planning performence improvements and crash fixes for the next big patch; and i'd fully expect later on we will see far more customizable graphics option than "bad, good, beautiful..." ect 😛

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