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Weapon fire modes


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When I have a line of ships in a division, I can select the division and change all their shell types by choosing the shell type button and selecting the shell type I want. Doing so sets this shell type across all the ships in the division. But when I choose weapon engagement settings, such as the artillery button or the torpedo button it will only change the weapon fire mode for the lead ship in the line, and each subsequent ship has to have these changed individually. I don't know if this is meant to work this way or not. 

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Whether it's meant to or not, typical design is to be consistent.

If the rule is changing a selection in the Div button means it changes across all ships, then it ought to change across all ships ANY setting that can be selected individually unless doing so makes no sense.

In the case of ammo AND deciding when to fire, both those ought to work at the division level.

Frankly speed ought to as well, which would remove a lot of the nonsense we see with the AI trying to 'follow' and failing awfully.

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