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are there going to be any commerce raider missions generated in the campaign game? The idea is to send warship in area to hunt enemy merchant shipping (single and convoys), something like Emden did. I also suggest ships can be captured/surrender, especialy lonely merchant ships. captured ships woul'd get you "prize" by refueling raider and adding certain amount of funds to your budget (while deprieving enemy for the same amount).

Also I suggest adding new special ship class - auxiliary cruiser. In the ship creator we woul'd choose how to arm and modify her. Auxiliary cruisers woul'd be purpousely built for the role of commerce raider. Unlike regular warships when "commerce raider" mission is spawn it can approach ship/convoy, indentify them and decide either to attack or not. Unlike regular warship auxiliary cruiser is under guise, pretending to be merchant ship of neutral country so enemy will not attack her until it blows her cover (random chance) or until raider demask hidden weapons and raise the battleflag. Raider ships were very successfull in WW1 and to some extent in WW2 (e.g. Kormoran).

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3 hours ago, Niomedes said:

Yes. The devs have already confirmed that commerce raiding will be a thing.


That is great! what about auxiliary cruisers? They are very neglected in all of the games so far and I think that it  woul'd be much more fun playing auxiliary cruiser (disguised as freigter) than playing submarine.

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