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Error at startup.


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Installed the game and started the tutorial.  After trying the first tutorial, which I of course failed, I quit the game to come back to it later.  I got the below message.  


I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and again, it initially worked but then gave me the same message.  Not sure what the cause is.  It installed in my "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts"  


I don't know if this is an installation issue and installing it to a custom directory will help or not.error.thumb.jpg.1f3787e04769f94c1ebd26739a1638e2.jpg



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First of all, apologize for the inconvenience caused.

11 hours ago, Wklink said:

\AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts

This is the folder for launcher, not the game.

The game itself default installation folder is C:\Games

Could you please clarify if the game installed in the default folder or you changed it? If so, could you please

  • uninstall the launcher
  • then make sure nothing about the game is remained in \AppData\Local\ and AppData\LocalLow\ (if so, just delete folder manually through shift-delete)
  • after that try to install the game in default C:\Games folder

Please let us know if the problem is still there

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41 minutes ago, Wklink said:

Everything was in the correct files.  I uninstalled everything and then redownloaded the installer and reinstalled.  


It gave me the same error message about not being able to create temp folders.



Could you please then go to \AppData\Local\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\log folder and send to me at ink@navalaction.com the launcher log text file (it will be something like 11.10.19.txt)

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21 minutes ago, Wklink said:



As a side note, if I go in and use the launcher/installer instead of using the actual buttons in Windows the game will launch and work.  It's a little strange but is a workaround.  

Thank you, please check my reply on your email

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