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Hotfix for Torpedo Damage


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I just played the 6th mission with the new mechanics for torpedo combat. Using 2 Torpedo boats equipped with 3 x single mounts I was able to dispatch the enemy dreadnought in 4 hits. Both boats took damage but stayed afloat long enough to get off 2 salvo each at under 3km. Flotation damage was much more what I would have expected from this era and this made for a much more enjoyable experience. Very balanced change overall.


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Would like to see "reduced" torpedoes for TBs and destroyers give no reloads so there is an option to balance number of launchers (spread) potential against reload potential.  Being forced to take two reloads per launcher is a huge amount of weight and vulnerable ammo for a torpedo boat. If we want to keep option for "what-if" crazy torpedo magazine options, there could also be an "extreme" load that would correspond to current "increased."  Would also like to see reloads for on-deck torpedoes be a gated technology.

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