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Tidy Up this FORUM

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Tidy Up this FORUM


Version v0.2.7 rev 29653 BB1.1

v.1.6.38 [front plate entry screen ex-STEAM]



Tidy Up this forum please. Had a small break coming back I was confused where to post and it’s starting to drift. I’m not sure now where to post actual feedback. With the Pre-order release do you want to lock “Testing grounds” now in favour of “Early access discussions” …?

Discord Server. Do you want this to be the main feedback place and NOT GL Forum?

Please give us CLEAR and DIRECT orders or protocols to follow. Choice is a two-edged sword, but I do see the need to test it over STEAM.

Love the work so far, will post a feedback update in a couple of hours…


Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


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