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How do I grow the number of warriors in a given camp?  Is it a matter of collecting food, gaining a level of notoriety or SP?  What am I missing?

This is important knowledge since gaining more total warriors is important to get other camp leaders to join your cause.

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Easy JD....once you have your main camp, make sure to "settle" a new camp and place 1-2 braves in it - it requires 20 wood 10 rope to start the basic camp.  As you do things in the game (like liberating camps, liberating brave captives in the stockades - the ones that look like a jail) those braves will run back to your camp....as you liberate, you will occassionally get messages about off-map braves joining your cause and all of these will go back to the camp....most of the time, your primary camp (as you start off it will be TINY CAMP, make sure to get enough pelts, horns, ropes, sinew, etc. to UPGRADE the camp larger and larger until max camp size is 20).  As you settle, stand near either a outpost campsite or at an actual campsite and you can access other camps remotely and then move resources between these to upgrade them eventually to 20.  You want to keep adding new Indian settlements as this is what causes your zone claim to increase.  As you clear a number of red (ie White Men's territory) areas, use the Indian settlement nearest the location and create a new settlement - it pauses a while and then you get the option to see a bunch of little icons of teepees.  Click a teepee that is in the enemy controlled area and settle it with 1-2 braves....get them there with the basic resources, then once they create it...you can remotely add resources, weapons, etc. to that camp so that those indians are not empty handed and are armed - again eventually you get more messages, or as you do your objectives you may also get more Braves.....just MAKE SURE your primary camp is not OVERPOPULATED because those indians will leave you - poof instantly gone and you just wasted all those extra troops.  Keep adding more settlements and have them do resource runs....make sure to have them armed well if they are looking for wolves or bears and such...otherwise they get killed easily.  Also be aware being near White Man territory or areas that they have horse patrols, you may have your indians encounter them during resource hunts, etc.  If you want to avoid this you have to recall them back....and restart whatever task you want.  


Hope that helps....reach out if you want to know anything else.....I have been playing for a number of days trying various things.....got about 20+ camps all maxed out....and control most of the areas above the main bad town......13% my territory vs. 11% White Man......but its a constant back and forth....in previous games I wasted so many of my warriors because I did not create any new camps nor did I actually capture the territories....learned that lesson.....also, save often...the game loves to screw you up....bad coding, bad graphical areas to fall into and never be able to get out of....especially near the big town...

I am still trying to figure out if it is even possible to kill all the whites in the town....they seem to respawn at times, so I do not know...and have just avoid it....as I was facing 30+ people armed to the teeth and not the simple 1 shot kill types.....and it became LAGGY AS HELL which is extremely bad for bow shooting.

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