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CSA (BG) campaign Stones River cavalry brigades are absent from battle and at Gettysburg only half of the first wave is showing up on the first day.  Playing at colonel level was able to win on first day; but on BG level with only half of units showing up have not been able to win on first day.

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There are several grand battles, including the two you mentioned, where not all units show up on the earlier days. At Gettysburg if you put 24 units into your center and left corps you will get 16 units from the center corps and 17 units from the left. Inflicting casualties on day 1 and then winning on day 2 by capturing the round tops is also a very viable strategy for Gettysburg.

These guides have most of this kind of thing documented, though they aren't 100% complete:



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Did you try "power-loading" your attack division(s) on the far-left?

What I do during CAMP is remove the artillery from 1st division, reduce number of infantry brigades to three, and fill the 3 vacancies with 3 cavalry units of 750 troopers each.  The 2nd division I put 1 or 2 more cavalry units and send them to the left to help overwhelm the Yankee right and fend off the Yank cavalry units.

Good luck,


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