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Change difficulty mid campaign


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It's really just recommended to start a new campaign. A lot of the games challenge comes from building up an army. Once that army is established and you have plenty of resources even the harder difficulties can be easy. Assuming you know how the battles go and such.

I've only got MG and Leg saves sitting around at this point, but I'll upload a few to your other thread when I have the chance.

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Thanks man! That's really generous of you. 

I just want a challenge, facing 20,000 rebels with 80 guns against my 150,000 federal troops and their 600 guns just feels unfun. 

Wondering if there's someway I can inject more troops into the enemy pool, tried the hex editor and a cheat engine but haven't had luck so far. Dont' want to feel like I have to throw a fight to keep the campaign interesting, yknow?

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Most of them are raw recruits and I've had some corpse pushed back by hardened confederate troops a quarter of their numbers so I Feel like if I could inject more troops into their pool the challenge would still be there. IDK, I focused on army size this run through and for the most (like in real life) it's lets you roll over your enemy. And god forbid they try to attack a defended position :P

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