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  1. So, the siege of Suffolk. That battle was hard, first scaling and the manpower pool is giving me a hard time as I got several high reinforcement rolls. Before using some ballast units I was facing around 23K vs 36K. Tried to play it several times and the enemy just steamrolls right through any defense I can set up. With some ballast units the enemy number goes down to 28K, which was plenty for hard pressure for the first part of the battle but the defense line does hold. The other notable thing in this battle is that I really started to feel the pain of the fixed damage curves. Th
  2. Pandakraut: in the comments on one of your video's I read that you and Jonny enabled capturing of cannon in the re-balance mod. Would it be possible to also make this change in UI and AI Customization mod? I have only seen the end screen of the campaign twice and both times it seemed odd to me that there was a mention of how many cannons you had captured while there is no way to do it in game. Currently I am experimenting with skirmishers, non sniper ones might be more feasible with normal rifles is it difficult to enable this? I am greatly enjoying the mod, especially the fire arc
  3. Jenska; the bug in large artillery brigades is still present. Use the UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.6 to play with larger units, since this mod fixes the damage curves.
  4. The predecessor of Ultimate General Civil War (UGCW) the excellent game ultimate general Gettysburg (UGG) has multiplayer, PvP. The developers decided against including multiplayer for Civil War as apparently few people played the multiplayer of UGG.
  5. 1. The damage degradation curve are still in the game. For some graphs take a look at this post: Incidentally that mod fixes the damage curves. It is a good mod, almost a unofficial patch. 2. Damage wise your 23 gun unit is equal to a 6 gun unit in killing power. However it has much more staying power since it is a much larger unit. Therefor I would arm them with something cheap, like a 6 pounder, and use it in extremely close range to support assaults on positions. During this close combat will the unit will likely lose man and guns, and thus become more effective ra
  6. In your position in would do the following: Don't replace the losses on the large experienced units, 2500 man might be a bit overkill thus if these units are around 1.800 man that would plenty. Use the available manpower to create new units and arm them with whatever you have on hand, it would prefer more units over large units. Create more artillery, cavalry and skirmisher units. Artillery is useful overall, I like a bit more artillery at the bridges in the south. Cavalry is very useful late in the battle to complete encirclement and moping up units.
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