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Trying to find a more specific definition of "Training" perk


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Most of the officer perks are pretty self-explanatory but I'd like to get a more precise definition of the corps commanders' "Training" perk.   The game tells me that all of that general's units will get 10% more XP (presumably experience points) but doesn't say how or when that bonus is applied.  Does it mean (A) that all the general's units get an immediate but non-permanent boost in experience, performing as if they were 10% more experienced as soon as they are under his command but losing that bonus if they are moved to a different corps? Or does it mean (B) that they accumulate experience points at a rate that is 10% faster while under his command?  In the first case, the bonus would be immediate, unchanging, and last only while he is in charge.  In the second case, the bonus wouldn't have an immediate impact but in the long run could result in a larger and permanent bonus, as the rate of growth in experience would compound over time.

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