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  1. My hard drive is dying a slow, painful death and I need to back up everything before moving to a new computer. I am in the middle of an Ultimate General - Civil War campaign that I want to be sure to keep. If it makes a difference, it is a GOG installation and I'm using Windows 10. Two questions: 1. What files do I need to backup and transfer to be able to continue my campaign in progress on the new computer? I have already backed up everything in the following subdirectory: Program Files (x86) / GOG Galaxy / Games / Ultimate General Civil War / Ultimate General Civil War_Data.
  2. I think the mystery is solved. I sent an inquiry to the company's tech support and got a response in less than 12 hours (which is much better than my usual experience with game companies, btw). According to the company, the cause is almost certainly that I am using an older monitor with maximum resolution of 1280x 1084. For the benefit of anyone else who might encounter this issue, here's the response I received: I'm afraid that the problem in question is most likely caused to the resolution that you are using with the game 1024x768. The game support resolutions from 1366x768, and u
  3. No matter where I set my screen resolution, it doesn't affect any of the game screens on my computer (camp, battle, main menu, corps assignment). So the game program overrides the screen resolution on my computer, but apparently it responds to changes in screen resolution on yours. That seems odd. Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm running a copy downloaded from GOG? I wouldn't think there'd be such a difference between Steam and GOG versions, but I'm at a loss for other explanations. It will be really frustrating if I can't solve this issue, because if Fredericksbur
  4. Sounded like a good theory, but I raised my screen resolution from 1024 x 768 to the maximum option of 1280 x 1024 and nothing changes -- it still looks just like the screenshot I posted. Does the game have a resolution setting that overrides the computer's display setting? I looked in the Settings section of the game and the only reference to resolution that I saw seems to be for video resolution, which I assume is something different, and in any event that drop-down menu doesn't seem to offer any options and is just blank. So I guess I'm still stuck.
  5. At the start of a grand battle when I need to give my corps their assignments (attack right, attack left, reinforcement, etc.), the assignment screen can be very difficult to decipher because that part of the screen is scrunched together so closely that I can't tell what the assignments are or which of the "+" boxes correspond to which assignment. (A screenshot of the assignment screen for Fredericksburg is attached.) Whenever I watch YouTube videos of battles, the assignment screen looks very different and it is easy to tell what each "+" box means. Is there some setting in the game that I
  6. Thank you very much. Don't know why I didn't see the instructions myself; guess I was just too eager to click the link.
  7. Thank you very much for the very useful information. There are several things in the mod that interest me, especially being able to see canister, shell, and shot ranges for artillery and the various effectiveness ranges for other weapons. If I install this mod while in the middle of a campaign, will the changes take affect for that campaign without undoing my progress so far? And are there instructions somewhere for installing the mod?
  8. While browsing the forums I've come across a few comments about how artillery units actually become less effective as the number of guns in the unit increases above 12. According to those comments, a unit of 20 or so guns might actually perform worse than a 12-gun unit, while using up more ammunition. I'm in my first campaign and have created some 23-gun 10 pdr. ordnance units, and I'm far enough into the campaign that those units have advanced to 1-star level. So I have a 2-part question: 1. The comments I saw about the declining effectiveness of large artillery units were from last
  9. Most of the officer perks are pretty self-explanatory but I'd like to get a more precise definition of the corps commanders' "Training" perk. The game tells me that all of that general's units will get 10% more XP (presumably experience points) but doesn't say how or when that bonus is applied. Does it mean (A) that all the general's units get an immediate but non-permanent boost in experience, performing as if they were 10% more experienced as soon as they are under his command but losing that bonus if they are moved to a different corps? Or does it mean (B) that they accumulate experience
  10. Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I've already received all the guns I can get by spending my reputation points in the upper right tab.
  11. I have two related questions that require a little explanation: I’m new to the game, in my first campaign (“colonel” level, Union). I thought I was in good shape going into the main battle of Antietam but 2 surprises ruined my plan. First surprise: the game forces me to approach the battle in the same disjointed manner as McClellan did. I thought I could distribute resources roughly evenly between my anticipated 3 full corps and a ½ strength 4th corps, and then shift units to other portions of the field as needed once the battle starts. But now I realize I have to decide in advance how to
  12. Many thanks to Lava and pandakraut for quick and very helpful replies. I have a few followup questions: 1. Lava said “If you want to max out Yankee unit participation the best you can do is put 3 divisions in 1st Corps, 3 divisions in 2nd Corps and 2 divisions in 3rd Corps.” Does that mean that putting more than 3 divisions in each corps will actually reduce Yankee unit participation, or just that I’m only going to be able to use that many divisions in each corps no matter how many divisions are in each corps? (I have seen a YouTube video in which someone says he was able to increas
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