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Welcome to Ultimate General: Gettysburg forum

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Hello all.


Welcome to the forum of Ultimate General: Gettysburg


I will personally monitor the forum and follow your feedback and suggestions as frequently as I can (at least once a week). Because I am fully focused on the game production, I will not have time to reply to all of you on time. Our small but extremely experienced development team works very hard to code the first playable alpha. We will post more information on potential alpha as soon as possible.


At this first stage of this forum's life, we will have only a few threads and you are free to create your posts, polls, and discussions. Do not hesitate to express your ideas as they are surely needed in order to make this game as good as possible. In case you encounter any problem with it report to us here: Forum Troubleshooting


On behalf of the Game-Labs team I wish you a nice stay,


Nick Thomadis

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