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Fleet action as PvE Rear Admiral?



I’m only a Flag Caption but I'm looking ahead, at the L’Ocean with its 1100 crew, as a Rear Admiral with 1400 men, which only leaves 300 for 3 fleets ships.

Not enough crew to crew ships/any ship that can support 1st rate battles.

Is that correct, no 1st rate fleet action?

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You can solo/duo pretty much any PVE mission fleet with a l'Ocean, especially if you set your ship up right with right wood types and thickness and dps bonuses. I've seen oceans with almost 100 thickness and the reload cap, you can basically kill anything with that, especially if you have edinorogs. If you are concerned about doing Fleet action do a few with a friend or two, its helpful when you are getting used to sailing the slug that is Ocean. Just don't make the mistake of taking the largest guns into combat you possibly can, stick to 24/32lbs

When it comes to actual fleet battles there isn't much useful AI ships really help with, they seem to flap about and not really achieve much in my experience, the extra slots only really become useful for trading, while you are better using the more combat themed perks.

Hope this helps :)

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