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Captured units not returning weapons based on number of men captured.


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When an enemy unit is captured the capture rate of weapons is based only on the men of that unit that were killed rather than using the men that were captured. Reproduced on Legendary Crampton's Gap and Colonel Newport News.

Test data from Colonel Difficulty on Newport News, fresh campaign started on 1.10

sharps 1855: 80 recovered
Captured Skirmishers: 75 remaining, 96 killed
Shattered Skirmishers: 111 killed, original size of 171
Actual Recovery Count: (96 * 0.3) + (171 * 0.3) = 29 + 51 = 80

Expected recovery count option 1: (75 * 1) + (96 * 0.3) + (171 * 0.3) = 75 + 29 + 51 = 155

Expected recovery count option 2: (75 * 1) + (171 * 0.3) = 75 + 51 = 126

It's unclear whether option 1 or 2 is the intended recovery rate, but the current recovery rate for captured units ignoring the number of men captured doesn't seem right. Screenshots and save file from shortly before the mission finishes attached.



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The part that seems questionable to me is that you can obtain more weapons by shattering a unit than capturing it. I would think that you would obtain at least as many weapons capturing as shattering.

If the intention was to reduce the viability of farming that would make sense. The end result of the current implementation is just a bit counterintuitive.

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