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Possible Game Manipulation

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5 hours ago, Archaos said:

I am not computer savvy with regards to ping and connections etc, but can packet loss be manipulated, could someone have the ability to disrupt packets to create such an issue? I have experienced being able to initiate the tag before reaching the circle and sometimes after entering the circle which would be the 1 or 2 seconds down to ping, but I have never experienced before being half way inside the tag circle before being able to tag and I must assume that would require such a huge ping difference that the game would be unplayable for one of the players. The fact that this has also being reported several times with the same player makes it suspicious enough to me that I felt it should be reported.

All I can say is that if it had happened to you, then you too would be suspicious.

Your kinda talking about something call a lag switch which blows my mind how many folks don't understand how they work and blame things in game on them.  They can only be used at lan parties or where you host the game on your own computer.  Using @rediii example below the only way you can do such is like this.

Server - Client - Clinet

The guy that is running the server and you can go through could do a lag switch between him and the other client to cause a lag in game.  It was very  quick to find out if a host was doing something shady like this cause they would rack up top scores fast over all the other players.  Though with this game cause the server does every thing between the clients there is no way to do so.  

5 hours ago, rediii said:

only serverside is reality the rest is only what you see

Client - Server - Client

As a US player with 130-140 ping I notice that the tag and joins are off just a bit some times.  For me it's like maybe 1/4 sec delay from where it should be some times.  I know our SEA/AUS guys say it's more like a 1/2 second for them.  So for me roughly about a ship length difference at times of what I should be.  This is why when we tag some one we try to be pretty much right on top of them (well not in the small circle) when we tag cause it can put you further back than you want to be if you don't.

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My theory:

Sail two accounts side by side on the same computer. You can see the “issue” clearly: the separate game clients will almost always show the ships in slightly different positions relative to one another. I don’t think there is a “fix” for this, or even that it is an issue. Sometimes your ship will be 1-2 seconds delayed from its actual position, even on a good rig with high FPS and low ping.

I’ve seen the tag circles fail to represent area available to tag numerous times.  

I think this is the same reason why join circles aren’t always accurate, sometimes you can go right up to the line, just outside the line, or sometimes you have to be well inside the line to get the “join” button to appear. 

I STRONGLY doubt there is an exploit here, most likely I think it’s simply a bit of lag somewhere. The fact that the tag activated just as you left the green zone is bad luck on your end and good luck (I’m assuming) for the enemy.

I had a special somewhat  similar occurrence recently as I made the dash down the “Channel of Death” between La Tortue and Port-de-Paix: despite several tags by the Prussians, I managed to outrun each one, and make it to port, just in the nick of time. One of their tags went all the way to 0s while I was still in the circle but I wasn’t pulled.

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Captains and Devs greetings,

I don't know if this could be done or even if I'm on the right track. My suggestion would be for the Devs to get the involved captains together, as they may have stumbled on to something, give them identical ships and set up the situation to be tested, see what happens. See if it can be repeated. That way we can find out if it is a repeatable flaw in the game or just a quirk. In any case the players will have fun with the resulting battle at no expense to themselves and the Devs will find out something.

Real life time is short and I have to go.

Fair sailing all.   

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Its just lag when your coming at someone head on you get the opposite effect and are able to start the tag a ways outside the tag circle. The flashing is you being on the edge of the circle. The faster the ships are the more profound the effect is.

On the subject of tagging a "Contact tag" feature is needed. If two ships are coming at each other and one tries to tag they will simply sail right through each other.

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You will never know what is happening behind the scenes. We can only guess. 

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Unfortunately, I agree with the others here.

Was in a Port Battle vs Black. In Hong Kong average ping was 260 at the time. @JobaSetUS based player a Black member was streaming the PB. I engaged him and was amazed at his view and my latency towards him.

Two three seconds latency over him was evidentially clear. However, like all things I’d rather have this than stand alone server universes... Asia server only asia players, US server only us players. I want to play against US and EU players, if that means I suffer latency so be it...






Like an idiot I forgot to add the example.



Both @JobaSetand myself are heading towards each other. He banks away, this was perfect setup for a broadside rolling into him. I Lined it up what I thought was perfect and let it go. Hitting the Bow working down the ship...

Hits registered but @JobaSet suffered hardly anything, no leaks...

After the battle, I wanted to find out what his ship build was. I knew he did Twitch TV so got his channel and found his build wasn’t special. I watched the Port Battle fight unfold. At My attack point @JobaSet turns and I don’t start firing till half way down his side. No wonder half my broadside missed.

That’s from his Twitch TV recording. Ping rate has definitely improved, but at the time mine at 260 and he had a really low 25-50 ping. The Action was fast but the delay was seconds. After this I started 2 second leading my shots and turns. No big problem but Boarding can be an issue...

Our Antipodean brothers suffer more with 300 plus ping issues....





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