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In what way is Bartow flanked in this situation?

Gusten Grodslukare


The first battle of Bull Run. Bartow and his men are stationed in the buildings on Matthew's Hill. The buildings are supposed to give extra cover from enemy bullets. There hasn't been any shooting on Bartow's brigade before this situation. All shooting so far has been done by the brigades of Bee (CSA) and Burnside (USA) to the left of Bartow. A little later on the Union skirmisher brigade with 161 men are shooting at the buildings from the north and Bartow's brigade is retreating from their cover in the buildings because they are flanked. How is that possible? Was Bartow known from history to be a cowered?

I would appreciate a good explanation to this wonder of behaviour.

Bartow Running.jpg

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23 hours ago, Gusten Grodslukare said:

I would appreciate a good explanation to this wonder of behaviour.

The best explanation is ... they are not actually in the buildings. In fact, I believe there is only one battle that I know of... the Supply Raid battle of the Union Campaign, in which there is a building where troops can actually deploy inside the building. That is the only one I know of. There are also a few round'ish areas you can occupy that don't have flanks... I think they are like fields with fences... but there are very few of them. Now there are trenches and fortifications in which your troops will actually get in these areas and you can see that because they will deploy along the edges of these areas and will not be in a line formation. Even still, they can be flanked.

So, for the vast majority of the battles, troops get cover bonuses for being deployed in terrain, whether that be in corn fields, forests, towns, etc., however, the unit still is vulnerable and can be flanked. Doesn't matter where they are, if your troops are in line formation even in the middle of a town, they are still vulnerable to flanking. If they are in entrenchments they can still be flanked. That is just the way the game works. It's a simulation, so you just have to go with the flow.

Mind you flanking is a very bad situation to be in. If you get the "Flanked!" warning, you have to determine if the position is really worth holding. Most times, all you have to do is hit the "fall back" button and the brigade will move out of danger, and a lot of times they only have to move a tad to keep from being flanked.

Good luck with your gaming!

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