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Forged Papers Questions…?

Norfolk nChance


Forged Papers Questions…?


1.       How in practice dose the forge papers work? Say if my PC is GB and wants to be French?

2.       How will it affect my Craft XP and Rank XP or my assets I hold?

3.       If I don’t have a forged paper, can I buy them from another player or are they fixed to that PC?

Is there any tips or tricks to using the forge paper mechanic?

My final question, if after turning French and decided it wasn’t for me and wanted to return to GB. Could this work?


Sorry for the questions, am old and stupid


Norfolk nClue



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Having recently gone through all this GB to Fr recently


Move all your assets and ships to a freeport and create a base there. Be happy if it isn't a 2 hour sail to nearest freeport

craft xp and rank xp are unaffected

as the forged paper says , remove all old bases but not the freeport new base where all your stuff is stored

then use the forged paper that is fixed to that character ( I have 2 on a char on pvp eu )

if you have another tied to that character, or the devs give you another in the future, then you could do this all again in the opposite direction.

If you only have 1 forged paper , until  such time as we are able to trade, buy or be given them by the devs it is a one way trip



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