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Soooo, hi!

I just signed up here, new to this blog and relatively new to the game (30 hours of easy union campaign) so yeah. (btw is it worth it to start a new topic for this?)

Anyway, here are just a couple of things I noticed that might be able to be changed or general observations:

(This is all no destructive´ criticism, I love the game and like the added quotes)


- possible bugs:

   - troops that one has from the beginning do not change their name when their commander changes

   - if one does not have a victory and has the option to end the battle one can play on until one has reached a victory

   - my cavalry troops with sabers + guns don't use their guns and don't have the black lines that mark the range (what am I doing wrong? :C)

   - cavalry troops can't dismount in some battles

- observations:

   - the major battles differ in difficulty, sometimes by quite a bit

       - example: the 2nd battle of Bull Run I could only win as Union because I ran onto the point with my cavalry in the last possible moment

   - when battles start during the night, even with max screen brightness, I sometimes can't see very much

   - it's not always clear when a major battle will end

   (- supply wagons start out not straight at the beginning of battles and sometimes don't move straight :D)

   - some intermediate weapons are not used because one simply doesn't get enough of them ( I find D: )

- suggestions:

     - it would be handy to be able to switch troops to and fro in those boxes at the beginning of large battles (if you know what I mean D:)

    - it would also be handy to be able to delete corps' + divisions if one wants to restructure the army or needs the officer

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The starting troops change their name with the commander, just played a Union campaign and they were fine with commanders changing.

There are two kinds of cavalry depending on their weapons - Shock Cavalry armed with pistols and sabers, and Carbine Cavalry armed with carbines like the M1855 Sharps.  Shock Cavalry only fire their weapons in close range (no need for a range marker) but cannot dismount.  Carbine cavalry can dismount and effectively turn into skirmishers, and remount again, which also answers your next question.

Battle difficulty will depend on how well you did in previous battles - kill more of the enemy in one Grand Battle and you'll have it easier in the next.

The brightness seems fine, haven't had any difficulty seeing units.  Seeing the  firing arc lines, however, is another beast alltogether that needs improving.

Battles end either at the end of a phase timer or the Securing of an objective.  If you don't know your Civil War history, then it's always best to try to take the objectives required for Victory (listed in the objectives screen) as soon as possible.

A lot of the confederates ones, yeah.  MJ&G Type II is a good one but you don't get too many.  The Tyler Texas is just a turd, don't bother.  Those are the only two rifles I can think of that are exceedingly rare.

You can move around and swap out troops in the boxes at the start of battles.  Left click and drag to move them, and right click to send them back into the Army HUD.

Can't disband corps and divisions because you could farm colonels and brigadier generals (very valuable officers, especially early on).

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