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Can't Play Gaines Mill round, am I stuck?


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What you see here is my entire army, I have no additional money to recruit 13!! more brigades!  Up to this point my battles did not require massive amounts of troops.  How do I proceed here?  As I see it now, I cannot continue my campaign here which stinks because I have invested quite a few hours into this.




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Yeah. Sorry to say that, but if you with this small army don't have enough money and recruits to get at least 2-3 full corps on the field...well then you mismanaged badly. At this point with the union I usually have 3 full corps, 2 of which are mostly armed with rifles. I know the confederates get less money and recruits, but still.


Edit: Just asking: You went full on veterancy, right? Believe me, more then 2-3 units of Infantry vets is a waste. Cav and artillery should be veterans always, but the rest...my 2nd Corps always only gets recruits, as does the 3rd, and 1st Corps only 3 brigades get always veterans for reinforcement.

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