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Forum registration and missing validation emails.

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Hello Captains;


At least 3 captains per day register at our forums and don't get their email validated having no access as a result. 

If you have registered on our forums and have not received the validation email:  there could be several reasons

  • validation email is in the spam
  • you were automatically suspended on spamming suspicions (happens rarely, but could happen to legitimate users)
  • you were automatically banned, because you are a known spammer somewhere else, but want to play the game here
  • you are a spammer with tons of Viagra

If you did not get a validation email (and cannot find it in spam filter withing 1-2 days) then the best and fastest way to solve the problem is to register a clean email on gmail.com or other reputable service and re-register. 

Second and slowest method is to contact us at info@game-labs.net and ask to investigate. We are a small team and cannot guarantee the speed of this. 


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A little warning.

Our provider is administering an sql upgrade - there are some temporary difficulties with registration.

Will be fixed by monday

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