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Unable to select more than one unit


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On 26.2.2017 at 0:18 PM, heldchen said:

Do u read what i write??

Windowing dont work and hold strg and select one after the other dont work, too. I removed this fantastic game now, but i cant play it without managing a frontline.


Now a list for better Reading or understanding :-) (maybe it depends on my bad english..):

-I use UHD resolution

-Selecting one unit with direct selection with mousecursor at the symbol above the unit works

-Selecting the next unit with pressed ctrl button (in germany strg) dont work

-selecting units with frame dont work,the frame catches no unit, i "sourround" the units completely with the frame

-selecting more then one unit via pressing ctrl in unit hud at the bottom of screen works, but isnt very usefull


Did u ever Test this functions with a screen resolution more then 1920x1080?

As i wrote many times, I play with UHD or 4K or what u prefer as Name for it. 

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