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Alt farming in PVP events


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Captains, all cases of possible alt farming that were posted through Tribunal and ingame F11 reports have been checked by the time of this post.

Suspicious / confirmed cases have been noted, players were warned and their pvp activity within event zones will be monitored even without reports for a couple of weeks for the same behaviour.

List of warned Captains:

Tlatan BLub
Daenerys Targaryen (Draskon Karlson)
Ryan WalKer
Etienne Lefevre
Scurvy Scarletta


The following actions are taken against the offender:
  • 1st Offense: The offender will receive a warning.
  • 2nd Offense: The offender will be demoted to a half of character experience
  • 3rd Offense: The offender will be demoted to initial rank.

Based on results of investigation, the Admiralty reserves the right to bypass one or more levels of punishment at its discretion - do NOT assume that you can get away with it once and get off with just a warning.


In the same time we will think about the system that does not motivate players to alt usage to receive pvp awards.

Players who think that they were warned unfair please contact me in private both on the forum or in the game


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