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Add some flag in battle and at camp. Propose different historical flags and a text editor for the name of the brigade / motto / battle honnor. Or allow to mod the flag on camp window. In battle use more generic flag. The flag is not important in terms of game but adds a lot of flavour :)


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24 minutes ago, ross42899 said:

Even the old "Sid Meier's Gettysburg" game had flags for all units

That (superb) game were definitelly REGIMENTAL sized, it showed every regiment, even really tiny ones, and as you remember scenarios were limited in size.

This (great) game is not same scale, greater level of abstraction on units leading to better playability of bigger scenarios, so a regimental flag may not be "correct" in this units

Said that choosing a second flag (and different uniforms btw) would be quite a wellcome addition to add flavour to the game

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