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A thanks to our beta testers

Nick Thomadis

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Ultimate General: Civil War has been released yesterday (16/11/2016) and we owe its polish and quality to a small group of volunteer testers who helped us enormously, with continued reports, detailed feedback, screenshots and videos, over a 2-Month Closed Beta time period.

We would like to mention those who excelled and thank them again for their gentle contribution to our game:

Ultimate General: Civil War Elite Testers Team

  • Koro "Nikolaj Roesen" (Active)
  • Col_Kelly (Active)
  • Lincolns Mullet/Zordfish "Tim Scott"
  • Fellvred
  • CSA Watkins (Active)
  • GeneralPITA
  • Mr. Mercanto (Active)
  • VegasOZ
  • LyciaPintella
  • YueJin
  • SidChigger
  • Wright29 (Active)
  • Andre Bolkonsky (Active)
  • JonnyH13 (Active)
  • The Soldier (Active)
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