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Patch 1.7


After a long time period, we updated the game, improving gameplay and AI according to your latest feedback. AI is much more energetic in attack and more efficient in defense. Several targeting issues have been repaired and lots of other major or minor fixes make the game more stable and enjoyable than ever:



Patch 1.6


While we progress on a new game of the Ultimate General series we offer to you another update, in order to polish and improve the gameplay and AI:



Patch 1.55

A new update that fine tunes and improves the gameplay while it fixes several inconsistencies and bugs that you reported. Better AI, improved melee, enhanced 3D visual perception of terrain and multiplayer balances are the most important changes included in this patch:



Patch 1.5

Ultimate General: Gettysburg receives a new major update. We respond to your feedback with many improvements in Gameplay,  drastic AI enhancements, some important bug fixes and 4 new multiplayer maps. The game should be now at its best state and we hope you trully enjoy it:


Patch 1.13


We have addressed many problems which you have reported in our forums, including the multiplayer imbalances.



Patch 1.11

We perfect the latest big update with a quick gameplay & AI hotfix which is based on the first feedback we got. Additionally, the Multiplayer is better balanced and challenging for any side you choose to play.



Patch 1.1

The much anticipated update of Ultimate General: Gettysburg is finally ready! Artillery limbering, Night battles, Melee & Fire and many AI enhancements enrich the gameplay experience:



Patch 1.03

We have addressed all problems concerning game's stability and we will continue to support Ultimate General: Gettysburg with more patches. The next update includes major AI improvements and many gameplay fine tunes for even better battle experience in single and multiplayer mode:


Patch 1.02

Version 1.01 included a lot of improvements but due to technical bugs it was possible to anticipate random freezes during gameplay according to the system settings. After two hotfixes we provide now a new update which hopefully addresses all the problems:



Patch 1.01

This is the first post-release update for Ultimate General: Gettysburg. A few of our many new game enhancements include: artillery targeting error fixes, AI & gameplay improvements, better morale and 7 new multiplayer maps. Additionally, we now offer the game to Linux users:



Version 1.0 (Released)
Ultimate General: Gettysburg is scheduled for release tomorrow and we are offering you one last patch for testing. A big thanks to everyone for helping us launch this product.

You can read the patchnotes in our blog (Includes important images):

or below



There were some changes needed in gameplay according to your latest feedback. We did these changes and await your new opinions. We want to release the game in the best state possible by acknowledging all your reports.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-6

Revision update available for PC, in a few hours also for Mac users: - Fixed AI not moving in some Custom Multiplayer Maps and adjusted it better as per first feedback. - Rank reset bug for Multiplayer fixed.

Preparing for the full release, we cleaned up the code, fixed some multiplayer errors and updated the AI mechanics so that AI opponents are much more resilient and careful in defense.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-5

Hotfix of patch 0.95. Fixes black screen bug.

Only a few things remain to be checked before we finish the Early-Access stage and move on to full release. More bug fixes and AI & Gameplay tweaks are included in this patch. The full release will include any essential balancing and repairs that you report to us.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-4

In our first promotional screenshots, we promised a special filter that would make the battlefield look like a tilt-shift photo image. As the final release of the game approaches, we now offer the first version of this unique visual feature and more! The gameplay and AI received more improvements as per your feedback.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-3

The new patch has some major AI improvements to show. The AI will be much better in defense and more effective overall. The Mac version has finally been updated to the latest revision and some "cunning" bugs were fixed.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-2

Minor hotfix was uploaded that polishes the previous fixes. AI is also benefited.
Mac update will delay until Monday.

The new update includes various AI & Gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Furthermore, we have integrated an advanced log report functionality which will assist us to find any remaining bug.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch-hotfix2

We have uploaded the urgent hotfix version 0.91. It is first available for PC users. Mac users will get it tomorrow as soon as possible.
Patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/games/306660/announcements/detail/130924979910587526

Our next update leads Ultimate General: Gettysburg closer to final release. Multi-saves capability, Multiplayer fixes and new maps, AI & Gameplay enhances, the 4th day of the battle and other new features and improvements enrich the game experience!
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-pre-release-patch

We introduce Order of Battle and Statistics to the game along with Decision Maps… and finally we offer the first Multiplayer version! Present multiplayer server supports only 100 players. We are going to extend the number on Friday.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog//ultimate-general-released-7thpatch-hotfix

The 6th patch brings AI and gameplay mechanics improvements that provide enhanced realism and challenge. Furthermore, we have refactored the rendering code that previously caused freezes and CTD.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-6thpatch-hotfix

We finalise the weekly 5th patch with various polishes to AI and gameplay, some bug fixes and the first version of 3D animated menu.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-5thpatch-hotfix.

We provide an urgent hotfix patch 0.84 which includes some major targeting bug fixes that affected very negatively the AI, better Mac stability, more battle flow fixes and important polishes to the gameplay mechanics.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-5thpatch

Patch 0.83 is dedicated to major battle flow fixes. You will be able to play the battle of Gettysburg in all possible sequences, up to 6 phases, without the previous annoying premature battle ends. AI & Gameplay improvements are included as well.
Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-4thpatch

0.82 patch brings Mac support (Very soon it will be enabled) and focuses on major AI & Gameplay improvements that were needed according to user feedback. Of course there were many essential bug fixes that make the game much more stable and we have addressed the annoying save bugs that could prevent you to continue your battle campaign normally.

Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-3rdpatch.

Many things you have asked to improve or fix are now available in our newest patch. Important new features are the elevation map layer and the revamped, more realistic combat pace accompanied by an enhanced AI.

Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-2ndpatch

First patch is live now. It offers Group formations, AI & Gameplay improvements and many important bug fixes.

Patch notes: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/ultimate-general-released-1stpatch


Ultimate General: Gettysburg becomes available on Steam Early-Access.
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