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Kalmar Nyckel 1625 (Plans/Pictures)

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The Kalmar Nyckel was a Dutch full rigged pinnace built  in 1625. (She is probably not going to be in Naval Action as the timeframe is 1680-1830). She was originally named Sleutel (key), to distinguish it from several other ships called Key it was known by the name of the city of Kalmar, which purchased the ship in 1629. In 1644, she was purchased by the Swedish Navy. When Sweden decided to establish a trading colony in the New World the Kalmar Nyckel was chosen for the voyage. She continued to ferry colonists to and from the new world until the First Anglo-Dutch War, when she was used as a fishers protection vessel. She sunk off the coast of Scotland in action against Blake's squadron on July 12, 1652. In 1998 a replica of the Kalmar Nyckel was commissioned, her home port is Wilmington Delaware.



Length on deck 94 feet (29 m)

Overall Length 131 feet (40 m) 

Beam 25-foot (7.6 m) 

Draft 12-foot (3.7 m) 

Displacement  300 tons

Crew: 40 sailors & 28 soldiers (in Naval service)

12 × 6-pounder cannon
2 × swivel guns
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