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game is early access allot of content still to come




The game has been out since some two years... little to no improvement has to be expected for it, in Nick's own words.


We're going to see something new in the next installment, though (UG:Antietam).

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Dear Nick,


the game is just wonderful just like it is. Even the AI is challenging...

Main prob remains...

You cant keep a MP community together with 1vs1 battles only.


I see them coming, I see them leaving :(    Just a very very veryyy small amount of permanent players)




Agreed, 1v1 is a bitt small, but given how large the battles are i might de difficult to have more than 1v1. Thye could give the players command of different parts of the army though..

My biggest problem is the big that says that both players won a few minutes into battl.e Tried several games wiht my friends and we could not finish one single battle before the "you have won" message appeared.

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