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  1. if some how they open up the Mediterranean to na added old oar style ships could still be relevant as some were still around and in use just not in the Atlantic and Caribbean
  2. keep up the great work i how ever will hold off playing till the content wipe. patience is a virtue
  3. i will play pirate because I'm Bahamian born and raised. the British flag flew over some harbors but by damn these islands produces nothing but crooks, thieves, pirates and worse, lawyers and politicians.
  4. well it's almost may 15th in australia soo it could come some time today or some time on tuesday for us in the eastern standard time
  5. they normally give time frames because they are giving a 2nd attempt on a specific date i think they will pull through
  6. so i guess since it will be the 15th in parts of the world soon we will be getting an update on whether or not this update is going to happen
  7. they should have never given a date. in the early days they never gave dates only time frames. They should have said late may early june or something to that effect. i'm replaying fallout 4 with all the dlc now to pass the time so i can wait
  8. i must admin the wait is killing me i hope the date is not pushed back further
  9. lake a look at how much a whole sushi grade tuna sell for now a days. more then a house
  10. well we definitely need a pirate sloop like the sloop of war
  11. This would also open up the option for small fishing/farming villages scattered about the map that you can't enter but trade items with by clicking on it like you say.
  12. i found pray works best if you have bread and wine on the boat . oh and magic mushrooms
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