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  1. can we get the Wrecker - crafted ship for valentines day. it would be a fitting way to stay home and WRECK my relationship.
  2. haha i was just about to ask the same the month is almost over
  3. i did see a face book post on a new ship but can find any other related info! makes me think a general plan of events for the year from the devs might be nice.
  4. is their a 2020 development update plan/schedule ?
  5. this is what i keep asking . they are distracting us with china talk
  6. A portal to Asia to open up more countries sounds cool and might expand the player base . BUT about the next update next week right.
  7. well people like me are just waiting for this update to come out before we jump back into the game
  8. hahahaaha this was the tease and false hope i was looking for to keep my beliefs afloat arrrrr
  9. well i guess if you keep saying this every week you will have a chance of being right
  10. come on devs at least lie to us and tell us it coming this week or soon. throw us something to keep our hopes afloat.
  11. if some how they open up the Mediterranean to na added old oar style ships could still be relevant as some were still around and in use just not in the Atlantic and Caribbean
  12. keep up the great work i how ever will hold off playing till the content wipe. patience is a virtue
  13. i will play pirate because I'm Bahamian born and raised. the British flag flew over some harbors but by damn these islands produces nothing but crooks, thieves, pirates and worse, lawyers and politicians.
  14. well it's almost may 15th in australia soo it could come some time today or some time on tuesday for us in the eastern standard time
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