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Naval Action Beginners Guide In Text

James Lee

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Naval Action Basic Beginners Guide


Hello everyone this is a very simple beginners guide to Naval Action.

To start off in Naval Action you want to learn the controls.


Basic Controls


W, A, S, D


Right Click

Left Click


The A and D keys will turn your ship left and right.


The W key will lower your sails and make you go forward depending on the wind.


The S key will raise your sails stopping the ship. 


To aim your guns in battle go to the left or right side of the ship and right click.


To shoot your guns aim and then left click and you will fire your guns. You can also use the space bar to shoot one cannon at a time.




To navigate in Naval Action you have a Compass and a Map.


To use the map press the letter M on your keyboard.

To navigate your compass go to the bottom right of your screen and you will see your compass there and move left or right to go North, South, East or West.


Gaining Gold and XP


To start off gaining Gold and XP go to the missions tab at the top of the main menu and start as many as you can and then sail to one of the missions.


A second method of gaining Gold and XP hunt down trade ships with contraband goods and capture them and sell them for profit.


I also recommend joining a clan because they will help you do missions to get gold and xp to get bigger.




This was a beginners guide to Naval Action i hope this helped you and if it did please leave a comment below say if it did or did not. You should learn everything about Naval Action within a week or two of playing. I will have a more in depth guide coming shortly this was just a starter guide. Thank you so much and happy sailing!

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It is quite a short tutorial. 

1) What's up with   things all over the text?

2) More description, tips and pictures would be helpful and reader-friendly.

3) Don't forget. More shots you put into a ship, except for chains on sails, more gold you are receiving. Thus when someone attacks a Trader, don't sink it or board it right away. Take down sails. Fire non-stop with grape. It will grant a bonus XP. When ship has ~5 crew left. Feel free to board.


I wish you good luck!

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Thank you for posting this basic guide. As a newcomer to these genre of games, I have found this post to be most helpful in getting started. Knowing what the various keyboard and mouse controls do, makes it easier to get started. The other pdf guide in the next thread is also a big help for anyone not familiar with this game. I have yet to buy and download it from Steam, onto a new computer that will be able to play it, which I will be getting in the next couple of days.

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