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  1. I would like to see something where you could hire a AI to sail one of your ships to whatever port you have a outpost in because it took me 1hr 45 mins to take a ship from Kingston to Dareina i think it would be a great idea to implement into the game! Great game guys keep up the good work.
  2. Blacks Sails at Midnight is always looking for wonderful plunderers such as your self my kind sir. We would be very honored to have you. The clan is new and we are looking for a first mate. If you are up to the task you may very well likely be are first mate.
  3. I will have a more in depth guide soon this is just the basic's of starting off. I have no clue what the are but i will try and fix it lol
  4. Naval Action Basic Beginners Guide Hello everyone this is a very simple beginners guide to Naval Action. To start off in Naval Action you want to learn the controls. Basic Controls W, A, S, D Right Click Left Click The A and D keys will turn your ship left and right. The W key will lower your sails and make you go forward depending on the wind. The S key will raise your sails stopping the ship. To aim your guns in battle go to the left or right side of the ship and right click. To shoot your guns aim and then left click and you will fire your gun
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